Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Accessing All Areas!!

I have this real ‘thing’ about rock’n’roll heritage being dismissed as frivolous or unimportant, and landmark buildings being lost or anniversary dates being ignored. Great to see, therefore, that at least a couple of this year’s anniversaries are being commemorated properly.

Visitors to our own website will know that we are commemorating the 40th anniversary of Hendrix’s death in London with a weekend of events (September 17th to 19th inclusive). We’re particularly thrilled that the Handel House Museum are hosting an exhibition of the great rocker’s life and times (and will include some really cool memorabilia).

Hendrix fans are not normally catered for at this central London site, other than to be able to gaze in speculative awe at the official ‘blue plaque’ mounted on the outside wall. It’s actually the only truly official plaque for any rock musician in London. Not even Lennon apparently deserves such recognition.

Hendrix’s comparatively small abode usually houses the Handel House management office so we’re to be grateful that they are putting up with the inconvenience of moving out for a few months.

Needless to say, we’ll be including a visit on our weekend.

Another notable event is taking place ‘oop north’. The 30th anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis, lead singer with the near legendary Joy Division (forerunners of New Order, as most fans will know), is being commemorated in Macclesfield. This Cheshire town, approximately 170 miles north of London, will be the venue for the ‘Unknown Pleasure’ festival.

Commencing from July 29th in the 1813 Sunday School Heritage Centre, the festival features an exhibition of the band’s memorabilia, original artwork, set lists and some of Curtis’s personal letters. There’s also a walking tour map of the town available and a series of musical events.

The idea and organization has been led by Joy Division’s drummer, Stephen Morris (also of New Order) and rock writer Jon Savage. And well done to both.

The only downside to these two events is that they are both commemorating the deaths of two superb musicians who would no doubt have continued to make all of our lives that more pleasurable had they lived longer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

London Sixties Week

'London Sixties Week' is begining to take shape. The brain-child of Chris Paydell, this week long July festival aims to provide an umbrella under which a whole host of events will take place celebrating the golden decade.

Kicking the week off will be a 'twistathon' and an attempt at creating the world record for the number of people dancing the twist at the same time! The main event will be held in that epicentre of 60's cool, Carnaby Street. Be there or be square, is what I say!

Check out other events and happening on http://london60sweek.co.uk/about.html


It's always a kick getting a celebrity sighting on a tour, and while it's a fairly regular occurance (recent sightings include Jamiroquai, Chris Martin and a Sex Pistol), it's not often you get two Stones in a day!

Well, that's what happened today. Firstly, Charlie Watts is seen exiting a house in Chelsea, then almost before the excitment has died down and the cameras put back in their cases, up pops Ronnie Wood at the 'Sticky Fingers' restaurant! Cue for much more excitment and some more photos ...

As ever, however, privacy is important and we oggle from afar and are content with soem longer range photos. Having said that, Brian May kindly posed with a couple of one of our groups when bumping into him last year. A gentleman of the first order.