Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's always a kick getting a celebrity sighting on a tour, and while it's a fairly regular occurance (recent sightings include Jamiroquai, Chris Martin and a Sex Pistol), it's not often you get two Stones in a day!

Well, that's what happened today. Firstly, Charlie Watts is seen exiting a house in Chelsea, then almost before the excitment has died down and the cameras put back in their cases, up pops Ronnie Wood at the 'Sticky Fingers' restaurant! Cue for much more excitment and some more photos ...

As ever, however, privacy is important and we oggle from afar and are content with soem longer range photos. Having said that, Brian May kindly posed with a couple of one of our groups when bumping into him last year. A gentleman of the first order.

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