Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It was 25 years today.... Live Aid

Well, 25 years ago yesterday to be accurate! Live Aid at Wembley Stadium. What a day it was, there with great mates Johnno, Barbara, Lindy and Pauline (all back 'down-under' in Australia now). If the angel Gabriel gave me a final week on earth to relive 7 days of my life before passing into the hearafter... this would be one. If I'm honest, I can't remember every detail of the day; though I suppose that's hardly surprising given the amount of alcohol etc that was consumed during that long, hot day!

I do remember Status Quo kicking it off (after a military band); 'Rockin' all over the World'! It's been a favourite ever since. And I remember Bono throwing himself into the audience. I thought him a right pratt at the time, and, as it happens, this turned out just to be the first 'pratt-action' in a career that has boasted many (with assuredly more to follow!).

Of course, there were other highlights; Queen and Crosby Stills Nash and Young being two. And Bob Geldof's impassioned pleas. And then there was the disappointment of Macca's mic not being on for the finale.

Talking Geldof, a short time later I was at a record company Xmas party, with Geldof there in attendance. A young lady in our company sauntered over to the great man to congratulate him on his efforts and press a glass of champagne into his hand. She came back to our group a mite crestfallen. 'What's he say?' We asked. 'Fuck off. I don't drink champagne' was apparently his gracious reply. Ah, the great and the good, eh? They have this way with words.

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