Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Moist Hoist gets its plaque!

There are a number of buidings that deserve recognition of their place in London's rock history, but perhaps none more do that the Ealing Blues Club, founded by the late, great Alexis Korner exactly 50-years ago today (March 17th).

Thanks to the hard work and efforts by Bob Salmons and Alistair Young the club now has its plaque.

In its early days, the club saw Jagger and Richards being introduced to Brian Jones, thus laying claim to being a birthplace of the Rolling Stones. Other notables who graced the 'stage' (the club only held a maximum of 200 fans) were The Who (as the Detours), Long John Baldry, Eric Burdon, Manfred Mann with Paul Jones, and even Rod Stewart.

There are promises that the club will rise again with the sweet sounds of the blues ozzing from its walls. This of course will be preferable to the dripping water that came from the walls in time past, giving the club its much-loved epithet!

Next week, the 23rd, see the unveling of the plaque at the Tabernacle, Nottinghill, celebrating the UFO, the 60s psychadelia club and cradle of Pink Floyd. Be there or be square!

Rock on!

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