Monday, September 24, 2012

Burning the Midnight Lamp

Hendrix Commemoration Evening Rocks - again! Brilliant Night! We held our annual Jimi Hendrix commemoration weekend over September 22nd and 23rd - an what a weekend it was! Hendrix devotees from the UK, the USA, France, Brazil and Holland joined in the fun at London's Troubadour Club. Good to see the Rhodes Rockers once again out in force! Our guest speaker this year was Keith Altham. Keith was the journalist and PR whizz who invented Jimi's guitar burning stunt and also conducted the last ever interview with the great man. Needless to say, Keith entertained us with some fabulous, insightful and intimate memories of a man he could also call a friend. John Campbell's 'Are You Experienced' provided the music. What a band they are. Not only suburb musically, but also guys who connect with their audience and fans. The greatest accolade was provided by Keith Altham; 'these boys are the best Hendrix tribute act I've seen'. Not bad from a man who probably saw the original more times than most other people! One of our weekend rockers was Lydia Clements. This lady has talent! I opened my emails this morning to find this brilliant ball-point drawing of Hendrix that Lydia has done. A great souvenir of the night!
Rock on!

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