Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Battle for 9 Madryn Street

To the Liverpool councilors and council officials who might be reading this blog, a New Year quiz for you; rearrange the following words into a well-known phrase or saying ; Noses own your can't beyond see you.

Liverpool Council have apparently decided that Ringo's childhood home in Liverpool's Dingle district is 'beyond economic repair' and should be bulldozed along with the rest of the street. Thankfully, Grant Shapps, the British coalition government housing minister, has stepped in to ensure this dreadfully short-sighted action is further thought through.

'fer Christ’s sake! Here's a simple math question for the good burghers of Liverpool; How much would it cost to completely rebuild a two-up, two down Victorian working class brick terrace? Now, based on an entrance fee of say £5 per person, how many people would have to visit it to repay the rebuild costs in just one year, and let’s discount the next 20-years worth of tourist visits?

Now add a few immeasurables; what message are you sending to the world when you refuse to protect and preserve so important a part of global heritage? How many additional people would be attracted to visit Liverpool if there was another Beatles site on the 'Magical Mystery Tour' circuit? But conversely how many may start to say, 'sod you, Liverpool, if you can't be bothered to look after World heritage site'? And is their no benefit to the pride the locals of the deprived Dingle might feel in having a bit of their somewhat sparse history preserved?

Still worried about the economic cost? How many Beatle fans might be prepared to sponsor the rebuild by donating a nominal £1 a brick (donator's names to be inscribbed for posterity)? And if Ringo, with his well-known antipathy to his physical roots, might not be prepared to donate a bob or two in these economically straightened times, would not big-hearted Paul?

Save 9 Madryn Street! Liverpool councilors and officials your economical analysis is completely flawed. Think instead of the cost of NOT saving this piece of global rock heritage. And just in case your English skills are equally as challenged as your economics, the well-know phrase you were asked to rearrange was 'you can't see beyond your own noses'!

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