Monday, January 17, 2011

News Flashes!

Summer Festival

Where could you see AC/DC. Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Santana, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin all on the same bill in 2011?

Dream on... or maybe not!

A line up like this is beyond the wildest imagination even if only because several of the bands are now only playing the great gig in the sky. However, the next best thing is probably the Rhodes Rock festival, held annually on the Greek Island of the same name.

UK based tour company, Classic Rock Tours, hit on the innovative idea of holding a festival featuring the best of the tribute bands a couple of years back and the popularity of the festival unsuprisingly grows year-by-year. Close your eyes under the Mediterranean sun and imagine ... let's face it, this is the nearest we'll all going to get to experiencing the dream festival line up!

The festival is to be held between June 8-15 this year. Check out their website Just the thought of it brightens up a cold January day!

And Now For Something Completely Different...!

If Greece is out in these recessionary times, maybe taking a self-guided rock tour of Manchester is one cheaper alternative?!

'The Manchester Musical History Tour' book by seasoned authors Phill Gatenby ('Morrisey's Manchester') and Craig Gill ('Inspiral Carpets'), comes out on February 3rd it can be bought and pre ordered from for £6 UK orders, £7 overseas, free postage. It's a great way to explore the musical heritage of one of the UK's richest rock cities.

The first 30 people to order the book can also join a free Manchester Music walking tour on the afternoon of Saturday February 19th @ 3pm, followed at 6pm by a signing session launch party at the legendary Dry 201.

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  1. wow! There is a possibility that we may be in Greece at that time! I have a great idea...why don't you meet us there and we can go to the festival together!